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From Start Ups And Small Businesses To Large Corporations We Create, Design, Deploy And Maintain Innovative Customized Software Application To Suit Their Business Needs. We Constantly Provide Application Improvement Support Through Updates, Optimization And Infrastructure Maintenance For The Highest Performing Business Process To Help Our Clients And Their Customers.

Our Relationship With Clients Doesn’t End With The Launch Of A Product. We Provide Ongoing Support, Including Regular Updates, Optimization, And Infrastructure Maintenance, To Ensure That Your Software Remains At The Forefront Of Technological Advancement And Continues To Deliver Exceptional Performance.

8GS has been building customized software solutions for multiple businesses since 2016 in Houston. We are committed to turning ideas into reality with our unique software skills and vast understanding of the needs of different businesses. We have worked with start-ups who started small and made their business big later on, in the process we we helped with our software software solutions and scaled them as they went big. We worked from small startups to big industrial projects where we built solutions for complex systems and a large user base.

Custom Software Development

Every business and its operational procedure is unique. We understand the users involved with a business’s software are different. For every business’s operation, different types of software are needed. And while building a application we keep that in mind. We believe we don’t only create software we create a system that helps a business run easily and efficiently. From 2016 we have built software solutions for a variety of businesses where we worked and dealt with unique problems and solved them in a budget-friendly manner.

Cross Platform Support

The secured software, the robust solution that we have been providing to our clients since 2016 is not limited to a single device or platform. We build software that can be used as a desktop application, mobile app, and website. For business owners, it is important to stay updated regarding the business whether it is stock availability, customer communication, employee work status, or assigning tasks. Our software’s cross-platform and browser capability helps the business keep going. We make software for desktop applications, android apps, IOS apps, and websites. You don’t have to worry about which platform your potential customer gets to know your business, we have got you covered!

Cloud Solutions

We work with Microsft Azure which is a popular, secured cloud computing platform developed by Microsoft. Azure offers services like virtual machines, containers, and serverless computing which allows software to run efficiently. Their wide range of development tools like DevOps and Repos makes the development process easier and faster.

Enterprise Software Solutions

For large-scale businesses, we develop comprehensive systems that cater to complex requirements. Our software solutions are designed to improve efficiency and drive the growth of a business. Our software scalability features play a vital role in performing operations while in use. Our software can handle high transactions of data as the business grows and seamlessly meets the growing demands of an organization. We provide software that is easily customizable and easy to integrate with the existing system.

Rigorous testing and after-sale support

Before delivering or integrating our software into a business, our product goes under heavy testing and quality assurance procedures ensuring there is no defect in the product. We believe the software we deliver should work under any circumstances or scenario as every procedure our product goes through might impact the business in a fatal way. By keeping that in mind we follow advanced methodologies to figure out and fix issues in the early stage so our client can receive a flawless and secured product.

Our Specialty

Expert Team: Our designers and developers possess years of experience and a solid skillset. They are well equipped with the knowledge of modern frameworks and can provide state-of-the-art products.

Unique approach: We believe every business is different and with that in mind, we approach each project differently that is customized to your specific needs.

Quality Assurance: We follow each step of quality assurance wholeheartedly as we believe that our software should not be the reason for your headache. We perform load testing, API testing, security testing, and other tests as necessary before delivering to you.

Timely Delivery: For most of the projects that we worked on previously we delivered our software in a timely manner. Before starting we plan our every step and allocate time for each part of the project. Then we can also show you the demo of each milestone.

Budget Friendly: We know this is the most crucial part for a business owner to decide whether to take a service or not. We take pride in informing you that we have been the most budget-friendly software development company in Houston. For all types of business software, we have been developing software at affordable rates.

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