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We Are The Top Web Development Company In Houston, Texas. We Strategically Develop Web Applications Via A Series Of Workshops, Brainstorming, Wire Framing, User Interface (UI) Design And User Experience (UX) Sessions. Through Creative Design And Innovative Development We Are Building Cutting Edge Websites And Web Applications.

Houston is a vibrant city where the tech industry has been booming over the years along with other sectors. When it comes to tech and people, a website is the most reliable source for organizations to build relationships with customers. A large number of users all over the internet get to know your business closely through your website. And that’s where Gulf State Software has been playing a role in Houston by creating user-friendly websites for small to large-scale businesses.

We have been building the most robust and scalable websites in Houston since 2016 that support multiple devices, browsers, and operating systems. One of the most common challenges the company owner and entrepreneur face is not being able to choose the right framework or approach for their needs. In some cases, their processes get stuck for not being able to operate their newly built application due to lack of support.

We at Gulf State Software take care of all of those hassles that our clients go through as we have 8+ years of experience in designing, developing, testing, deployment of web applications. We show our clients all the necessary steps and provide them with documents for the smooth use of the application. Here are some different programming languages, frameworks, and platforms where we excel and have unparalleled expertise that comes with the best price in Houston.

ASP.net Web development

In Houston, we are one of the leading .NET application development companies that provide sophisticated solutions for large-scale web applications. We have worked with various industries where the client requires an ecosystem and platform for solving their complex problems.

Webserver: We use an IIS-built web server that provides extraordinary responses.

Cloud Server: Microsoft Azure is another popular cloud-based hosting server. Many applications are built on this server all over the world which we also use in development.

Database: Microsoft SQL and Azure databases are being used to store data. MSSQL is reliable and highly used in .NET development.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: One of the most crucial strong points of .Net is its cross-platform compatibility.
This allows businesses to reach a large user base without worrying about their browsers, devices, and operating systems.

Robust Performance: .NET is designed to serve users a good performance with enhanced security. This framework provides extensive optimization for developers to utilize in every stage of the development. For large-scale enterprise software, this framework acts as an all-in-one solution as we can scale up the software as the business grows.

WordPress Development

WordPress development is popular among new startups for its ability to develop and deploy faster compared to other frameworks. WordPress allows its users to build an eye-catching and functional user-friendly website. Gulf State Software has been working with WordPress development and customization for a long period of time. We have built countless websites with WordPress for many small and mid-sized small business owners. Here are some areas of expertise where we take pride in excelling in WordPress.
Themes and Plugins: Themes are used in WP websites to make the websites design-friendly with lots of customization capabilities for their users. This greatly helps business owners to create and modify to some extent of their website. And plugins are used within the website for implementing quick functionality. We are highly experienced in developing both themes and plugins according to your requirements. You can seamlessly use our built themes and plugins for your WP website.

Hosting: For the WordPress website, we utilize managed WordPress hosting. It includes automatic security and functionality updates that are required for the website We host all our website premium quality servers that ensure extra speed and high performance.

User-friendly website:

Content Management: After a nice responsive design content uploadation with nice placement is required for the client’s goal. We set up the website with the business’s logo, images, map, and other marketing materials. We set our websites for the client in a way so that he/she can reorganize it later as necessary.

SEO Optimization: For every website, it is crucial that the business site is optimized for search engines. Along with basic SEO setup in WordPress, we provide in-depth SEO services for websites. We can help you with on-page, off-page, technical SEO that is required for ranking the websites.

E-Commerce solution for online businesses

For online businesses, it has become a necessity to own a high-performing website for every business owner for sales and engagement with customers. It is not enough in today’s date just to have a website where a customer comes and purchases then leaves. To steadily and increasingly earn revenue from your website it is necessary to have a website that is user-friendly, visually appealing, SEO-friendly, and scalable with time.

User Friendly Interface: Before starting development we highly research and work in depth on the user experience. User experience is one of the crucial elements for customer sales and engagement. We keep that in mind while designing the application as it impacts greatly in customers’ minds for purchasing from a certain website. Responsive design, simple navigation, and a personalized experience are where put our effort as much as possible.

Secure Payment Processing
Payment processing is where we work closely and attentively to prevent any kind of miscalculation, fake payment, and other security issues. It is not uncommon that modern e-commerce websites still face these issues. We wholeheartedly believe that this is where an online business starts getting profitable or making losses. We implement secured payment gateways for every website that we build. We prioritize multiple payment gateways, SSL Encryption, and Fraud Detection for every payment system we implement in the e-commerce website.

Effective Order Management and Scalability:
To grow an online business it is required for its website to have advanced features for order management. We implement real-time inventory management where business owners can track stock levels. Along with this, we work on order tracking that provides customers with real-time updates regarding order status including sending order confirmations, shipping notifications, and delivery updates.

SEO and Marketing Tools:
Undoubtedly for every e-commerce website SMM, SEO, and other marketing funnels are the gateway where customers can land on your website. With development, we also specialize in providing marketing solutions for your business. For every e-commerce website we develop we ensure the website is ready for SEO optimization ensuring your online store ranks high in all search engines for organic growth. We also work on email marketing and social media integration where you can attract your potential customers to land on your website.

PHP/Laravel Development

PHP Language has been popular for a long period of time in the world of web development for its great features and helpful community. Still, a large number of the websites on the internet run on a PHP or PHP-based framework for its easy-to-implement and robust functionality. Here are some reasons PHP remains an excellent choice for developing dynamic, secure, and user-friendly websites.

Cost Effective:

PHP has always been an open source language which is why it has a large community of developers contributing to its continuous improvement. To build a fully customized website you can undoubtedly choose a PHP/PHP-based framework. It supports all kinds of customization for all sizes of businesses.

MVC architecture & Eloquent ORM:
Laravel follows the MVC pattern for development where business logic, database, and user views are built differently but operate altogether which provides great performance while in use. Laravel’s Eloquent ORM simplifies database communication which allows developers to write intuitive code. This results in a fast response between the users and the server.

Experienced team with agile development process:
Our team of experienced developers is highly skilled in PHP/Laravel Development. We use up-to-date technologies, the latest libraries, and modern methods for developing and providing solutions to our clients, We follow agile methodologies which are well renowned in the software industry for delivering projects on time and within budget.

Security and Scalability:
From building a small website and then making the website largely scalable with high security PHP has shown unparalleled dominance over the years. PHP powers millions of websites on the web including major platforms like Facebook and WordPress. PHP-based modern frameworks like Laravel contain built-in security features to prevent attacks like SQL Injection, cross-site scripting, and cross-site forgery requests.

Commitment to Quality:
Quality is the core of everything we do in development. To ensure that our website stays error-free and easy to use for our clients we give our best effort. We follow standard quality assurance and testing procedures to make sure our website performs its best while in use.

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